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We are travelers first and our value comes from our own experiences.

We can advise because we've been there!



My husband, Chris, and I, met at a house-warming party in Brooklyn and within 7 days of knowing each other, with a custom playlist made, we took a spontaneous road trip to Montréal. This trip not only fast-tracked our love for one another but our love to find new and exciting destinations to see together!

Since then, we've walked the black sand beaches of Iceland, slept aboard a houseboat in Amsterdam, spent our Honeymoon sipping regional wines down the Rhine River, and have seen Orcas cruising along Alaskan shores. We've hiked, biked, and explored countless miles together.

If you'd like to hear more about my journey, read it HERE.

Whether you constantly seek adventure or need a quick, restful change of scenery, Cirillo Travel Group can help! After many years of planning every detail of my own personal travels, let me bring my experience, passion, and industry relationships to your next vacation! 

Our Travels:

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