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Q: Why work with a Travel Agent?

A: Time & Money Savings, Dedicated Service, Personalized Touch

While you can book with some of the big players directly online, we have years of industry experience and relationships to ensure your trip is unique, exciting, and personalized to your interests and needs. We often have access to lower rates than what is shown on a consumer website. We'll be available 24/7 while you are traveling to sit on hold with an airline for you or talk directly with a hotel if there is an issue with your room while you go and explore the destination as your issues get resolved in the meantime!

Q: Why should I work with Marissa at Cirillo Travel Group?

A: Can advise because I've experienced

Some travel agents have never left the country, they don't have a passport, and have not stepped foot in the hotels, or on the cruise ships they are recommending to you. I can advise you in my areas of specialty because I have traveled and experienced most of the places I recommend firsthand. Travel isn't just something I sell - but a very important part of my personal lifestyle. "I haven't been everywhere...but it's on my list"

Q: What type of travel does Cirillo Travel Group book?

A: Adventure Travel / Wild & Natural Destinations

We can and have curated all types of vacations for our clients from rafting the Colorado River to enjoying a lounge chair on the beach in St Lucia. However, it's always good to find a specialist and we specialize in adventure travel. This means we love to pair avid cyclists with the River Cruises who have bikes on board or clients who love hiking with Walking and Trekking Trips across the globe. We also consider ourselves experts for the following destinations:

  • Alaska

  • Iceland

  • Ireland

Wherever you'd like to go, we want to help get you there!

Q: Do I really need Trip Insurance?

A: Yes, Travel is an Investment.

Each proposal we send to our clients will come with a trip insurance plan tailored to your specific trip's needs. While you can opt out of purchasing trip insurance, if you are concerned with something interrupting your travel plans in any way then having an insurance policy is the best way to cover your investment. 

If you travel often, we can recommend an annual travel insurance policy as well that will cover all trips taken in a calendar year - Ask us about it! . 

Q: What are Hosted Trips?

A: Cirillo Travel Group travels with you! +Special Offers

We hand-pick these experiences because we get to come along with you! These are places we are passionate about sharing with the world and experiences for ourselves! So not only do you get amazing rates and additional offers for these exclusive packages, but you also have an experienced travel team by your side in the destination with you. We know how to have fun but we also can step in if anything is not going to plan on your trip. 

Q: Do you work with Groups?

A: Yes! Any and All sizes

We would love to work with your group! Whether you are friends from college, celebrating a family reunion, or want to run a group trip for your organization to help raise funds for your cause - we can help! 

We also have our Hosted Trips, mentioned above, which are exclusive rates and offers only found through Cirillo Travel Group!

Ask us about fundraising opportunities involving travel! 

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