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Iceland Trip Details

Often compared to landing on the Moon, Iceland is unlike any other destination in the world. Unique landscapes due to active volcanic activity and thermal geological wonders offer travelers many unique experiences. Soak in the teal blue waters of the Blue Lagoon thermal pool or soothe your muscles after your hike up to a more remote hot spring. Sift your fingers through the black sand beaches, hike along the rim of an active volcano or pull your bike up along side a 200ft waterfall right off the roadway. 

As a great stop-over location its easy to plan an extended trip with a few days in Iceland at either end of your trip before continuing on to other parts of Europe.


We can't forget to mention one of the biggest draws to this country is the ability to view the Northern Lights at it's peak in September through March. See this natural phenomenon dance across the sky with your own eyes!

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Destination Highlights

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