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EMPTY NEST, FULL HEART: Traveling After the Kids Leave Home

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Now is the perfect time to rediscover destinations or visit new ones for adult-focused fun!

You’ve racked up hundreds of hours on the bleachers and sidelines, a million miles taxiing from school, to sports, to recitals, and sacrificed several years of sleep, especially from those early days. You deserve to take time for yourself now. They were and still are at the center of your love and attention but now some of that can shift back to you! It's a great time to dream new dreams, rekindle the romance, or simply just give yourself the time and attentiveness that you deserve after a job well done.

Travel is a perfect way to celebrate this newfound freedom! Here at Cirillo Travel Group, we work often with clients who are relearning that their travel destinations can now be more focused on proximity to an award-winning winery than to a waterpark.

And we're here for it!

It's a great time to dream new dreams, rekindle the romance, or simply just give yourself the time and attentiveness that you deserve after a job well done.

Travel Doesn't have to Mean International --

Instead of early Saturday morning soccer games or Friday night dance recitals, you may now find yourselves with a more open schedule. More free weekends to fill with your own salsa lessons, spa appointments or tee times. Travel does not always have to mean 10+ days away or far off international destinations, we are always happy to help our clients plan a long weekend away. Our clients range from avid cyclists to wine lovers, from hikers to beach bums. There is a lot to explore within the borders of the United States including stunning National Parks, award-winning spa resorts and rail trails that you can bike for days, literally.

We love curating trips based on your personality, interests and activity level. So even a weekend away is spent filling your time with memories worth making.

A Change of Scenery --

Now that your kids are out on their own, downsizing may be in the cards for you. This could allow for more disposable income to spend on seeing those destinations you've been daydreaming about and getting to some of those higher cost experiences sooner, like an Antarctica Expedition!

Relocating entirely now that your not beholden to a school district may also be an available opportunity to be a part of a new community, exploring new foodie scenes in a different neighborhood, city or state. We know moving can be difficult and is definitely not necessary for the change of scenery we all sometimes need. As we mentioned before, a weekend away does the body good with a break from routine.

Adult-focused Fun --

Now is also a good time to start refocusing on destinations, brands and experiences that cater to an adult crowd. There is something to be said about arriving to a hotel after having left your kids at home, only to hear the tantrums of someone else's. You are allowed to want the company of like-minded travelers, to want a more sophisticated experience, and a dinner menu sans chicken nuggets. We can help you find those experiences as we're specialized in adult-focused fun across the brands we recommend to our clients.

While we don't believe in a #BucketList here at Cirillo Travel Group, read more on that here, we do know that time is always moving forward (expect when you're flying a red-eye from Tacoma to New York - then we can time travel!). We're not getting any younger and there are some limits that our body will start to place on us as the years add up. Let us help you get those destinations off your list and on to your calendar!

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